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Jeppesen: Monologue 1

Looked at from a distance, these similarities and dissimilarities stand out clearly, but at that period, if I saw them at all I paid no heed. The necessity of coming to a conclusion did not appeal to me. In those days I had no real illumination as to debts to be paid, no apprehension of penalties to be exacted. I failed to realize that everything is mysterious and we live only in mystery, that if chance existed chance would yet be more mysterious than providence.

I could not admit to the fact of a pain inflicted by a god. I persuaded myself that the pessimism could act as the consoler of lofty souls. Of all notions, this had the smallest base of experience; never yet has pessimism consoled either the sick of body or the afflicted soul.

Excerpt from Joris Karl Huysmans' Written 20 Years After the Novel