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"It would seem in fact that nervous invalids expose fissures in the soul's envelope whereby the Spirit of Evil effects an entrance. But this is a riddle that remains unsolved; the word 'hysteria' explains nothing. It may suffice to define a material condition, to mark invisible disturbances of the senses.

But what are the details and attendant circumstances of this 'Malady of Sinfulness'? In what degree is the responsibility diminished of the individual whose soul is attacked by a sort of daemonic possession, that takes root in the disorganization of his unhappy body?"

- Joris Karl Huysmans
Written 20 Years After the Novel

Single Channel Video Installation

Exhibited at
Marianne Boesky Gallery, NYC, Nov 30, 2006 - Jan 10, 2007
Arndt and Partner, Berlin, Sept 1 - October 20, 2007
Busan Biennial, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan, South Korea, Sept 6 - November 15, 2008


Gina V. D'Orio
Travis Jeppesen
Annika Line Trost

with Haluk Atalayman as "The Wolf"
and Willy Rachow as "The Buffalo"

D.P.: Shai Levy
Camera / Lighting Assistant: Gerlind Becker
Audio Technic: Klaus Barm
Hanging: Wolfgang Stegemann / Martin Goeres
Psychedelic Lighting Designer: Jens Höhne
Set Building: Sue de Beer / Haluk Atalayman / Chris Krönke
Gins and Annika's Costumes: Cornelia Wentzel
Casting & Dramaturgy: Miriam Stein
Online Editor: Can Elbasi

Soundtrack and Instrumentals:
"Howling and Beats"
performed by Andy Comer

'Annie's Song' & 'Rocky Mountain High Colorado'
performed by Andy Comer
recorded by Rob Christiansen

Jeppesen Monologues
excerpted from 'Written 20 Years After the Novel'
Joris Karl Huysmans' preface for the 20 year
anniversary re-printing of 'Against Nature'

D'Orio Monologue
excerpted from 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God'
Johnathan Edwards

'The Quickening' shot at Hadlichstr 44, Pankow, Berlin

Run time: 27 minutes