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Monologue 3

An object is designed by its nature. In order, then, to design it to function properly - a vessel, a chair, a house - one must first of all study its nature, for it is expected to serve its purpose perfectly: it must fulfill its function in a practical way, be durable, inexpensive and beautiful.

It is only through constant contact with advancing technology, the discovery of new materials and new ways of putting things together that the creative individual can learn to establish a living relationship between the present time and tradition and thus develop a new approach to design.

- Resolute affirmation of the living environment of machines & vehicles;
- Organic designing of objects in keeping with their own present-day laws, without any romantic gloss or fanciful frills;
- Limitation to typical primary forms & colors that everyone can understand;
- Simplicity in multiplicity, economical utilisation of space, material, time & money.

excerpt from Walter Gropius' 'Principles of Bauhaus Production' (1925)