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Monologue 2

What is the significance of sound and color for man? Scientists study the wavelengths of light, and psychologists study the physical effects of sensation, but all these things are just surface. What is the substance behind the surface? Behind sensation? What is the substance behind the structure of the entire visible world? What is behind the structure of the human organism and the human spirit? Light and color are no longer just blue and red - they are a living force.

Every organic being is filled with light. We move according to time-space, or space-time. Every living force and every color corresponds to a lawful order, to a sound or to a movement.

A form of life emerges from the unity of sound and color. A form of life reveals itself to us through movement. Everything moves, and nothing is ever dead, for otherwise the world would not exist.

excerpt from Gertrud Grunow's 'Der Aufbau der lebendigen Form durch
Farbe, Form, Ton'
(1923) and Johannes Itten's 'Analysen alter Meister' (1921)