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Monologue 1

Our school was founded after the horror of war, in the chaos of revolution, in the era of the flowering of an emotion-laden, explosive art. The triumph of industry before the war, and the orgy of destruction during it, brought to light an impassioned romanticism that was a flaming protest against materialism.

The misery of the war was also a spiritual anguish.

Reverse the values - wedge the new into the old world - Death to the past, to moonlight & to the soul.. Let Reason and Science become our king, and the architect and engineer craft our future of unlimited possibility.

Today, we can do no more than ponder the total plan, lay the foundations & prepare the building stones, but:

We exist. We have the will. We are producing.

excerpt from Oskar Schlemmer's manifesto 'Das Staatliche Bauhaus in Weimar'
(September 1923)