New Yorker, March 4, 2011

Galleries - Chelsea, Sue de Beer

In the early aughts, de Beer gained a following for videos and sculptures that evoke the locked-bedroom undertakings of a goth teen-age girl. In her first solo show in four years, it's clear that this adolescent spirit has evolved into something more complex and mysterious. In the main room, seen under colored lights, perforated screens lend moody atmosphere, while a stuttering short film is projected, small and low, on one wall. In the middle of it all, a mirror-lined replica of a whirling praxinoscope (a nineteenth-century animation device) has ground to a halt. Restraint is the operative mood here, and through the results are uneven (installaed without dramtic light, more screens become mere decoration), the show builds anticipation for what will come next. Through March 19th. (Boesky, 509 W. 24th St. 212-680-9889)