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Monologue 3
Title: "XXX"

SETH: I mean, there are definitely guys who are cut out for that, you know, youíve got uhhhh, um, Hendrix, Morrison, Robert Plant, Jagger, probably Scott Weiland to a lesser extent, you know, that guy from the Stone Temple Pilots? Anyway, when you see someone with that kind of star quality, you know it, and its not necessarily the talent so much as the fact that these guys just radiate some kind of magnetism that the world canít resist. Itís rare, man, totally rare, but itís like there are some people born in the world who stick in your mind forever, and thatís how the classics are born, right? Like, something comes along that makes itself part of your past and future and then, like culture is stuck with it forever or something.

Iím not gonna try to fool myself, you know, like, the talent, thatís definitely there, Iíve got the talent, but forget about all that name in lights shitÖ its not my style, and the thing is that youíre not gonna remember my face or my name, but youíre definitely gonna remember this (plays some kind of guitar riff thatís all like (deedledederoowroowdededede). Studio musicians are closer to the music, you know, Ďcause we forsake the fame for the craft, concentrate on making sure the heart of the music stays beating, hone our talents until we can play anything, and talent? Dude, talent is immortal Ė talent lives forever. Everything now, I mean, high school, Sean, all the lessons, the waiting, itís just my way of getting ready. The day I get my diploma, Iím out of here, never gonna look back, and ten years from now some dudeís gonna be sitting exactly where I am right now in History Class humming one of my killer baselines and pounding the desk with a couple of pencils trying to keep up with my style. Watch.

Iíve always felt that I would be close to the power, you know, that I would live right on the edge of the spotlight, part of the art but not, like, unstable and broke and crazy like all those guys end up. I totally think that stability is super important, like my dad? Heís an insurance salesman, but on the weekend he plays the Sax in a Jazz band call the Jazz Attack on Saturday nights at this place called The Moody Blues. Iíve learned a lot from him about what it means to be both careful and reckless, and what Iíve learned is that Iím not, I donít know, vain enough? I guess Iím not vain enough to need all that celebrity shit. But you know, whatever. Iíll probably have a Corvette by the time Iím 21.