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Monologue 1
Title: "Black September"

KIP: People can leave, die, disappear, run away, you know, whatever, but youíre never really rid of anybody because there is always something left that proves them to you again. There are invisible connections that form between you and every person that youíve ever met that keep pulling you back together somehow, forever, and you cant escape that Ė watch her walk down the hallway away from me, she doesnít turn or look back, but that thread, that connection is still there, and the further she walks away, the faster she runs, the more I become that space that separates us Ė I will absorb the void and save it inside myself.

Someday youíll turn around and that kid will be gone and youíll blame yourself because itíll be your fault Ė find his absence in the negative space his body used to fill, calibrate scientific factors involving volume, air, energy. Look for signs that will bring him back closer to you, but youíll never find any because heís so far away now, just the way you always wanted it. School chairís empty and youíre supposed to be free, but that chairís gonna hold you hostage forever, flat gray stares you in the face some days, and his bedís still unmade cause no one could go back in there to save their life, and itís kind of over, but its kind of just started too. Hold your breath to remember, know that people leave all the time Ė just pick up and go. When people leave, it really makes you realize that theyíre real, you know, that they used to be there, but now theyíre not. This place is gonna be really different when Iím done here Ė so different that people cant help but think about the way it used to be. Theyíre gonna think about that shit for years.

Iím gonna close down the space between us all, lock us together in the janitorís closet, under the stage in the auditorium, behind that bookcase in the library. I am pulling those threads back to myself, and I am changing the course of fate. No one will ever be able to escape the reality of me, because it will live here forever, and you can tear down the school, throw out all the books with my name in them, take my picture out of the yearbook, but Iíll always be around. Even when you forget me, youíll still remember. Iím gonna make sure of that.