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De Beer's teens resonate with
those night shades created by
the twentieth-level wizard and
theoretician of the in-between
as a state of being, Joss Whedon,
the brillian maestro of
the Vampire Slayer.

- Bruce Hainley
'Teen Angle, the art of Sue de Beer'

2 Channel Video Installation

Exhibited at
Statements Basel Miami, December 2004
PS1: 'Greater New York', New York, March - September 2005
Franco Soffitiano Arte Contemporanea, Turin, Italy, October 2005 - January 2006
Kunsthalle Schirn: 'Youth of Today', Frankfurt, April 2006 - June 2006


Mimi Lestor
Julien Orlow

1st A.D.: Ivette Zighelboim
Camera 1: Pawel Grajnert
Camera 2 / Gaffer: Ian Vollmer
Audio Technician: Alex Portugal
Still Photographer: Stephen Hilger / Sue de Beer
Casting: Ian Cooper / Sue de Beer
Soundtrack and Instrumentals: Andy Comer

Online edit at the Outpost, Brooklyn
Online Editor: Ryan Fenson-Hood

Support provided by Gucci
Additional Support provided by
The Outpost, Cuts and Burns Artists Residency, Brooklyn, NY

Run time: 6 minutes