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         Marianne Boesky Gallery East
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The Blue Lenses

Ron Ward
Elisa Baxter

Katrina Cunningham
Meg Heus
Artem Revin

also with
Ripon Kumar
Shaheen Mias
Jamal Jamal
Yousov Fali
Attabak Abbas
Richard Lawrence
Mohammad Hassan
Tarosh Das
Sumoor Das
Kofo, Usabi, Mani, Rafisul, Hanif, and Nadeem

monologue texts
by Nathaniel Axel

New York Crew
camera: Jim Turner
lighting: Geoffrey Womack, Ben Hunt
audio tech: Chris Kilcullen
make-up effects: Greg Pikulski
production coordinator: Abigail Thomas
Set Building: Stacey Petty, Alex Russi, and Sawyer Mitchell

Shoot Location, NY
Westbeth Center for the Arts
55 Bethune Street, New York, NY 10014

UAE Crew
camera: Richard Lennon
lighting: Ben Hunt
audio tech: Nolan Funk
line producer: Chani Gatto
associate producer/location manager: Amani Alsaied
PA: Charlotte de Bekker
AC: Koh Terai
casting, UAE: Chani Gatto, Shakbut Al Kaabi, Ahmed Hameed

Abdul Qadir / Action Filmz

Shoot Locations, UAE
Intermilan Gents, Abu Dhabi
Vivaldi Furniture, Abu Dhabi
Kuwashi Abayas, Abu Dhabi
Jazirat Al Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah

Online Edit
Andrew Ford, Stunning Cuts

Film Supported by
the New York University Research Challenge Fund
the Westbeth Center for the Arts
NYU Abu Dhabi
and Marianne Boesky Gallery

Special Thanks to
Amani Alsaied, Marianne Boesky, Amos Katz, Steve Neil, Jennifer Roth, and Sanjay Thakur