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Monologue 2

your love held it
in, or vice versa. I
can't tell now, I'm
so turned around.

Things can't hold
things. It's inap-
propriate I guess,
feeling you here.

If you're here, I'm
more myself I think.
It feels real, but I'm
alone in believing

it's you. You don't
feel it when I do,
since you're not me,
though I hold you so

dear, so deep, past
the point of knowing
what's real. There's
something there, but

it's not here. Here's
my thing, a thing
where you're held
all the time, or so it

feels. You shouldn't
have left me alone,
as I said. It makes
you too much of a

thing. Your thing
isn't love. It's here,
but thats mine, not
you. You're there.

Excerpt from Period by Dennis Cooper

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