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Monologue 1

Until then, here's what I want. Love. Specifically I want the power to make people love me. Maybe a secret word which I'd only use when I saw someone special. I'd walk up to him or her, say that word, and then he or she would be very in love with me. Then, if they ever got bored, there'd be another word that would cancel the spell, wipe their memories clear of me. I could be anywhere, and when I saw someone special I'd walk up to him or her, say the word, and he or she would forget what they'd planned to do. If I said, "come home with me" they'd follow. We'd be together right now in this very bed.

What could I offer them? Here's a list. Nervous, wealthy, half asleep, cute, confused.. thats as far as I get. Oh, contrived and talkative. I guess those words would also go in there. Now I am supposed to take that puny list, stretch it out like a tightwire, and walk very slowly across. Or something. I'll probably dream that I am doing so, if I can fall asleep. Then I'll wake up and see this bedroom again. The End. I like how in movies that phrase will suddenly appear at a certain point. Most children worship a statue of some guy nailed on a cross. I worship The End. It's a great concept.

Excerpt from Closer, a novel by Dennis Cooper

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