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"..an insistence without presence,
a light without representation: the
Thing is an imagined sun, bright
and black at the same time. It is a
well-known fact that one never sees
the sun in a dream, although one is
often aware of some far brighter light."

- Julia Kristeva
Black Sun: Depression and Melancholia

2 Channel Video Installation

Exhibited at
The Whitney Museum, Altria, New YorkMarch - June 2005
   Curator: Shamim Momin
Between Two Deaths," Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie,
   Karlsruhe, Germany May - August 2007


Lena Herrgesell
Julia Hartmann
Willy Rachow
Klara Hoffels
and introducing Haluk Atalayman (as the Pony)

D.P.: Shai Levy
Audio Technic: Julio Molina
Camera / Lighting Assistant: Gerlind Becker
Set Building: Haluk Atalayman
Still Photography: Felix Ensslin / Sue de Beer
Transportation / Graveyard Consultant: Chris Krönke
Production Manager: Titus von Lilien
Casting: Titus von Lilien / Felix Ensslin / Sue de Beer

Text for Black Sun excerpted from Closer and Period, novels by Dennis Cooper
Eternal Flame performed by Andy Comer, and recorded by Matthew Ronay
Support for Black Sun provided by the Whitney Museum of American Art, and Bill and Charlotte Ford
Additional support provided by the Outpost Cuts and Burns Artist's residency
Thank you to Felix Ensslin, Jana Gannon, Shamim Momin, and Bill and Charlotte Ford
Black Sun shot at the Glue Gallery building, Berlin

Run time: 23 minutes